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Vietnam X All Uwu Countryhumans China X Vietnam

Hmm I see that some of u ship and like chiviet huh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
OK let's began :D

Its currently morning and vietnam is sleeping, suddenly Vietcong comes to vietnam's room and yells:
Nam:NOOO I wanna sleep >:((( *hides under blanket*
Vietcong:If you dont then I will drag u out of the bed!
Vietcong:*grabs vietnam* let go!!

After 1982919181 years of trying to get nam out the bed and Vietcong finally did it
Vietcong:take ur backpack
Nam:ye ye.. I will-
Vietcong:oh and also don't forget about ur lunch
Nam:oh ye, thx
Vietcong:ur welcome, now go to school fast so u don't get late!
Nam:Ok bye!!

Nam got out of the house and ran fast to school so he didn't get late, nam suddenly bumped into someone, it was China that nam bumped into
Nam:ow! I'm sorry!!
China:Oh, it's alright, by the way what's your name-
Nam:Can't tell now! I'm gonna get late for school on my first day!

Nam ran then fast to school
China:.. (cute)

Teacher:Alright everyone, today we have a new student! Please introduce yourself
Nam:H-Hello, I'm V-Vietnam, hope that you all help and support me..
Teacher:ok, take a seat beside China *points*
Nam:ok(wait that's the one I bumped on the morning)
So nam took seat beside china
China:Hello! I'm China, nice to meet you! What's your name?
Nam:o-oh, I-I'm vietnam, y-you can call me nam
China:oh ok!(so cute)
Teacher:alright class take up your textbooks

*after studying awhile*

Teacher:Break time now students

*everyone walks out of the classroom and goes out*

Nam:(theres so many things here)
China:Hi nam!
Nam:(EK!) *jumpscare* you scared me!
China:Oh sorry, I will be showing you around the school
Nam:oh ok, thanks! ^^
China:This is the playground, cafeteria, gym, bla bla bla

After when China showed around and they sat on around the playground

China:(ok ok ok I can kiss him!)
Nam:Hm? What is i-
China:*kisses nam*
Nam:! *blush*
China:Your cute nam! *blush*

After that, break was over and class was starting again :D

Lol, I'll do vietnam x Philip later!
Byeee!! :DD